located in San Benito, Las Magnolias was a very great stay! When you arrive, you may not see the entrance because you have to drive up the driveway in order to enter. Security will then verify your name on the guest list and proceed to let you in!

If you are wondering why I stayed in so many hotels in El Salvador, it is because I really wanted to explore as much as I possibly could. Also, Las Magnolias caught my attention because they have an onsite pool but I will tell you a bit later about that.


It was a regular check-in. I was able to check into my room upon arrival. I paid $78 USD per night, which included the breakfast fee that I prepaid.


I got into my assigned room and it was nothing fancy. The room was very dated but the A/C worked and the water worked. I noticed during my shower I was only able to get lukewarm water, no big deal.

Hotel On-site Amenities

I wanted to take a nice afternoon swim so I changed into my swimsuit and wanted to get into the pool. That is when I noticed it was full of insects just floating in the water…It made sense as no one was in the pool nor setting in the pool area. That was disappointing considering the fact that was one of my main reasons for booking this hotel….the POOL! I managed to get some cute poolside photos and went back to my room.

Garden area near the pool!
Pics of the pool!

Wifi did work with no issues. I did try using the TV but it was a bit confusing and I just gave up.


That night, I casually strolled and noticed that you can order food on-site, however, I wanted to explore that night and went to Tony Roma’s. I highly recommend going. The food was very good. I did have breakfast and unfortunately, it was a letdown. The pancakes were quite firm and the coffee did not taste fresh.

Overall, I do think this hotel is in a nice area but I do not recommend staying here. Why? Because you can stay at other hotels for the same price (If not cheaper) and get a more upgraded room. I HIGHLY recommend staying at Kaleo Boutique Hotel or Cinco B&B.

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