When I am not traveling, I am living my everyday life, doing everyday tasks! It can be challenging sometimes adjusting to life after being gone for so long.

I created this lifestyle page as a way to help share resources and tips.

How do I stay fit on the go?

It can be quite challenging to stay fit while being a full-time travel blogger but it is possible! Typically, I am quite active on my trips, which helps me stay in shape. I take advantage of amenities at hotels like gyms. I typically start my morning by walking around the resort, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I do indulge on trips but it is ultimately about balance. After you learn YOUR body, you will understand how to manage accordingly. I promise, it works!

I love liquid IV! It is low sugar and low calorie and helps me stay hydrating on the go as well! I also have a vitamin organizer that I keep full for my trips.

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