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Planning on visiting Seychelles? Read this first!

I know, I know, this may shock a lot of readers. You read it right, I think Seychelles is OVERRATED! Considering that this is a top travel destination, I was surprised myself. I got quite a lot of feedback on my initial Seychelles post so I decided to elaborate. No doubt, this island is beautiful because I did not find it to be magical! After …


I travelled 28 hours to get to Seychelles and this is what happened

I know, I know this may disappoint a lot of newlyweds or people who love Seychelles but It did not meet my expectations. Seychelles is no doubt a beautiful country but I found it overrated. Upon arriving in Seychelles, there were stories about cabs overcharging (which is typical globally at airports) but it was astronomical in Seychelles! Quite a few vendors approached my friend and …