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South America

Food Recommendations in San Salvador, El Salvador!

Hi everyone, Here are some food recommendations if you are visiting San Salvador! I had such a great time in San Salvador. The food was delicious and I had not ONE bad experience! These recommendations are located in the neighborhood of San Benito. Tapioca Company was a really great treat! This drink was really good. I highly recommend stopping by! The staff was nice and …

South America

Cinco Hotel B&B

This is truly a gem in San Salvador! I booked it one hour before arriving and still managed to check in early! The room that I booked was all that had available, which was a double room. This room is updated and large! My room legit had a walk-in closet and safe area! I did book a stay that included breakfast. This hotel is definitely …

South America

Is San Salvador, El Salvador safe for solo women?

The answer is, Yes! It is completely safe for solo women travelers. I spent quite some time in El Salvador and had the time of my life! When I was initially researching El Salvador, many associates told me I should not go because of the reputation and crime rate. After doing my research, I decided to go and I am so happy that I went! …