Going on a solo trip can be scary, right? Here are some solo travel tips that have helped me

Tell at least one person where you are staying and for long

I cannot stress this enough, Not only safety reasons, please tell some where you are staying! Create a code word so if you are in danger you can text or call someone! Let them know your itinerary! When someone goes missing, it helps police if there is some kind of foot trail! I always say this, especially for people who like to visit remote areas, please keep someone updated!

If you have an Iphone, I suggest sharing your location with atleast two people! 

Research the place you want to visit THOROUGHLY

The last thing you want to do is visit a new country or city and not know anything about it! What if you don't have cellular data or connection? Write down places and things you want to do before hand. Get familiar by looking at maps and learning nearby places! Check if the currency is different, if they have lockdowns at night, food, etc.

Some countries also prohibited women who are solo from entering. So may sure you do thorough research! Consider other cultures and their attires as well. If you are visiting places like the UAE, research some you can dress according to their culture! They will definitely appreciate it. 

Always carry some sort of cash/local currency

I have been quite oblivious sometimes where I just sit back and thank GOD nothing happened to me! ALWAYS carry USD$ and the local currency with you! You will be surprised how CASH can come in handy! Sometimes card readers may not work, or the type of card so cash is always SAFE! You may want to tip your servers or drivers as well! I suggest carrying smaller bills as well just in case you cannot get change some where. 

Always carry a charger (both wall and car) and a portable battery pack!

When you are traveling out of the country, sometimes your phone battery dies faster (due to connectivity and network). The last thing you want is to be out all day on a tour or adventure and not be able to charge your device! I even tell people to bring at least one charging cable! I went on a trip with a friend and her cable randomly stopped working! Luckily, she has iPhone so she could use mine! Not all countries are like America where everyone has an Iphone so you want to have all of your chargers just in case! 

Always carry feminine products

With Climate change, cabin pressure, stress, etc., your cycle can start earlier than expected! Always carry these items in your checked bag and your carry-on bag. Due to bag delays, etc. It is best to carry with you at all times! Some bathrooms and airports may not have any (I have experienced this).

Wait to share on your trip until you leave the place

I am guilty, guys. Sometimes, I get lost in the moment. I have done this before. I tagged my picture on Instagram to my location. The next morning, I saw a bunch of DM’s from locals in that area! I was shocked because I never thought it was a big deal. For safety reasons, I would not advise! You just never know how someone may be able to locate you. Once you board your flight, you are free to post your content!

Pay for a data plan

I have ATT and a daily passport pass is $10/day. It is quite pricey but I have tried just using local wifi or data plans with sim cards but the service is not as good as my ATT day pass. Being solo, you want to ensure you have a working phone connection at all times.

Stay at a chain hotel

I prefer staying at Chain hotels when I travel solo. Why? I find them to be more secure. Also, their wifi typically works consistently and if something happens, they can be contacted immediately. With Airbnb, you are relying on a host who knows that you are solo. I love Marriotts and Hilton’s. Chain hotels typically offer airport transfers that you can book directly through them, ensuring that you arrive safely to and from the airport versus taking Ubers or random cabs.

Lastly, have fun! Create memories to share and stay safe!


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