Years ago, If you asked me if I purchased travel insurance for any of my trips, I would have said no. You all know I love to save money and I always thought it was a waste of money. Even if it was an extra $40, I would always decline it. Recently, I have changed my perspective on this topic.

Considering how much traveling, in general, has changed, I find travel insurance to be a MUST for any trip that I go on. It simply provides the peace of mind that we all deserve, especially when planning a trip. With new Covid-19 measures and policies changing every day, It is something that I highly recommend purchasing. A lot of hotel chains will not refund you if your flight is delayed or canceled unless you have travel insurance. If you book with Expedia or any other third party, this applies as well! I booked a trip with Expedia and changed the dates three times (via phone). I was so grateful and lucky that each representative sympathized with me and understood why I needed to change my itinerary (Covid-19 related).

Depending on your credit card, you may have travel insurance! Also, you may be able to get refunded faster if you book with your credit card. I am so glad that I never had any issues in the past but boy was I a rockstar just living in the moment. Simply carefree. Now, I am more aware and we can all say that is a good thing, right?

What are your thoughts on Travel Insurance?

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