It is always a good idea to visit Miami. The beach. The weather. The sun. The food. You name it, Miami is the perfect year-round destination for travelers. I recently visited Miami and I am always shown a good time! Right now (November-February), you will typically find the best prices for flights and hotels to Miami. I say, take advantage of it!

Miami, Florida is only a three-hour flight from me, making it my go-to trip whenever I want sun and cheap fun! I booked my flight through Delta Airlines round trip for $49.

I managed to book a nice Art Deco style hotel in South Beach last minute for $40/night. I stayed at the Cavalier Hotel (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND).

Free things to do in Miami Beach, Florida:

  1. Visit the many beaches in the Miami area. If you want more fun and action, swim in South Beach between 1-15th street and Ocean Drive (where the beach is located) . For a more relaxed experience, I highly recommend 16th street and higher. The higher the street number to close you are getting from Miami Beach to Mid Beach.

2. Visit the many parks in Miami Beach, Florida. Don’t get it twisted, Miami Beach is not all about partying! They have so nice, clean parks where a lot of people work out, bike ride, rollerblade, or just sit down. I visit Flamingo (the most popular) and enjoy just watching the ocean view or the street.

As you can see, definitely children and family-friendly!

3. Walk and browse Lincoln Road Mall. I’m quite sure window shopping will turn into buying (don’t say I didn’t warn you). Lincoln Road Mall has museums, shopping, dining, sitting areas, pretty much everything you can think of. I enjoyed sitting out in the sun, relaxing.

4. Rent a bike (Not free but worth it). I mean, that is such a South Beach vibe. Citi has bike stands located practically everywhere in Miami Beach. It’s cheap and a good alternative mode of transportation.

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