This month, Delta announced new SkyMiles policies that have already gone into effect for Basic Economy tickets. If you are flying the Basic Economy in the future, you may want to rethink it. Delta is NO LONGER counting those miles towards award status and mileage. This will affect passengers who fly Delta frequently and in Basic Economy.

If you do not fly Delta frequently, you probably would not care. But if you do, also keep in mind that the Basic Economy ticket is non-transferable and non-refundable! When you book it, make sure you are going or else! I have read comments from people who still tried to contact Delta for a refund after booking Basic Economy. Some were successful, others were not.

I would not advise anyone to book the Basic Economy ticket anymore. Considering new travel updates that occur daily, Covid-19, etc., it is simply too much of a risk and inconvenience. Even if you wanted to change the dates, you cannot. The app will prompt you to call customer service. I was not aware of the number of restrictions Basic Economy imposes on passengers. You can’t even select your seat. It will be selected for you. I flew basic economy last year with a friend. We booked our seats on the same reservation and when we checked in, we were not seated together! I was not upset about it but I just wanted to let you guys know. So keep that in mind if you do plan on booking Basic Economy.

My thoughts?

I think Delta probably wants their loyal customers to book Main Cabin and higher. I do not care for the restrictions at all! For the sake of my sanity, I think I will continue to book Main Cabin minimum. Because I primarily fly Delta, I would rather book the main cabin as well so I can earn credit towards my status. I am a Delta Platinum cardholder and I have noticed that I do get upgrades quite a lot but I do know this may affect a lot of solo passengers or families!

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