If you book frequently with Orbitz or Expedia, they do offer a credit for free TSA pre-check! Also, check your credit cards as well! I have seen this perk before so you are maybe able to get it for free! Thanks to my Delta Platinum card, I was able to get TSA-PRE Check and global entry free! A lot of cards offer this so I highly suggest checking to see if your card does!

Learn more about TSA Pre-Check here:

TSA Pre-Check

TSA Pre-Check includes Global entry!!! If your credit card does not offer this for free, it is $85 or $100 for both TSA Pre-Check and Global entry! After waiting in line for two hours on a layover from Costa Rica, I immediately signed up for Global entry! There was NO line! This can be helpful if you have a connecting flight and are re-entering the country. I almost missed my connecting flight because of this. TSA -Pre-Check and Global Entry is valid for five years!


Clear is really interesting. As opposed to showing documents, they verify your identity with your face and fingerprints. Clear is a great way to get through TSA lines. I have noticed that CLEAR lines are typically little to no wait.

Clear is a bit pricey but as I mentioned with TSA pre-check, your credit card company may offer a credit for this service! It does costs $15 per month (or $179 annually). If you have children under 18, they can be added for free (great perk)!

Although CLEAR is not at all airports, they are expanding their network. CLEAR can be found at certain venues and sports stadiums.

Sign up or learn more here:

CLEAR info which on

  1. American Express: https://www.americanexpress.com/en-us/benefits/travel/expedite-your-travel/
  2. United Airlines Card (Through Chase): https://www.chase.com/personal/credit-cards/united/united-explorer-card/travel-benefits
  3. Chase https://account.chase.com/sapphire/reserve/benefits
  4. Capital One Venture and Venture X : https://www.capitalone.com/learn-grow/money-management/tsa-precheck-global-entry-credit/

These are current offers that I have seen. If anything changes, I will make sure that I update the information.

Cards that offer a rebate for TSA/Pre-Check:

Final Verdict?

I have all of them! I think all serve their purposes and when used together, can offer a seamless traveling experience! I find TSA Pre-Check to be a bit handier because it is practically located in every airport that I frequent. I suggest checking out both to determine if this service suits you. If you travel a lot, I recommend it! I cannot begin to tell you how many times TSA Pre-Check has saved me from missing a flight! CLEAR has fewer locations than TSA Pre-check does. I prefer TSA-Pre Check! Not only is it cheaper, but in the majority of the airports across the United States.

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