Puerto Vallarta or Cabo San Lucas…I know you’ve seen this post before. Before visiting both, I would always see one or the other compared to each other. I just knew I had to visit both to get my final opinion on which one I preferred. And the winner is……Cabo San Lucas! Interestingly enough, most of the comparison posts I found tend to vote to prefer Puerto Vallarta over Cabo.

Aside from a few obvious differences, I found Cabo to be unforgettable and enjoyable. Keep in mind, I do understand that both of these cities have two different vibes to them.

I know some of you may say, well Cabo does not have that ‘authentic’ Mexico experience that Puerto Vallarta does. And in some cases, that may be correct. Given that I have traveled all across Mexico, I can understand; however, I still prefer Cabo!

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (left) and Cabo San Lucas (Right)

Why I prefer Cabo over Puerto Vallarta:


-I found the food to taste more consistent in Cabo. Every meal, I can brag about how good it was…In Puerto Vallarta, the average for the most part.

Below, are pictures of tacos from Cabo! 10/10

These were the best tacos I had in Puerto Vallarta (Below). The name of the place is called Pepe’s.

Pepe’s Puerto Vallarta
Pepe’s Puerto Vallarta

Favorite tacos in Cabo:

Las Guacamayas Cabo San Lucas
Las Guacamayas Cabo San Lucas

THEE BEST TACOS I HAVE EVER TRIED IN MY LIFEEEEEEEEEEEE (I would literally fly to Cabo just for these).


– The arch alone is beautiful! Let’s not even mention the Sea of Cortez…<3


-Both of the beaches have their cons. Both countries are off the pacific coast. I was not expecting the turquoise waters I would see in Cancun, etc.

Medano Beach’s waves/currents are too strong to swim in for the most part! I would pick sitting on the beach anyway. I found Medano Beach to be cleaner than Puerto Vallarta’s overall.

Medano Beach (Cabo San Lucas)

Puerto Vallarta’s beach had a LOT of seaweed (keep that in mind, not sure if it was because of the time of year I went). It was nice but not the most appealing beach. The water did look a bit mirky. This could also be just the area that I was staying in.

As you can see it is beautiful but nothing to rave about.

Puerto Vallarta Beach


The locals were nice and helpful in both cities. I found the vendors to be WAY MORE AGRESSIVE in Puerto Vallarta vs Cabo. I am not complaining, I get it. This is how they make a living. In Cabo, they would walk away after I told them, “No, thank you” a few times. In Puerto Vallarta, they would not take no for an answer.

Don’t get me wrong, the mountainous views in Puerto Vallarta are breathtaking!

Cabo has my heart <3. If you have been to both, which city did you prefer?


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