My last day in Mexico City!

My last day was bittersweet! I booked a 9-hour tour so I knew I would have to get all of my exploring done the day before. Before the tour, I stopped at Starbucks and grabbed a coffee. That was USD 3.

So nice of the barista!

My tour group was so awesome. The tour was all day and I highly recommend it! I booked it through and it was USD 45. The tour was called Teotihuacan and Basilica of Guadaloupe Shrine, a Tequila tasting tour. You can book it here. The meeting point was at the Palace de Artes. I decided to walk there that morning. It was less than half a mile away from my hotel! I ended up connecting with one of them after the tour. One day, I hope to visit her in Argentina. So if you guys see a blog post of me in Argentina, then you know why! xx

Tequila tasting during the tour!
Food break included in the tour!

The tour included a meal and it was so good that I forget to take a picture of it!

Me in front of Teotihuacan! Unfortunately due to COVID-19, we were unable to get any closer to it.

After the tour, I decided to get some sun and relax on the balcony at my hotel.

The balcony of my hotel!

Solo travel does have its perks sometimes. It encourages me to interact more with strangers, which can turn into lifelong friendships! I met another solo traveler from Argentina! We still talk to this day.

If you are going on this tour, PLEASE BRING CASH!!!! I would recommend carrying smaller bills so you can easily purchase things. You will stop by quite A LOT of souvenir places! Also, a lot of local vendors are around the tour as you make stops. I did buy quite a lot of things from the locals! My favorite buy was a hot stone.

Mexico City felt safe! I am so glad that I went solo. If you are looking for a cheap solo trip, Mexico City is a great place to visit! The food alone would make me want to return! lol

This trip will go in the books!


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