If you have followed my blog, you will see that I have visited quite a few different cities in Mexico. So far, I have been to Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, and Mexico City. All of these places have their unique differences.

Before even going to Mexico City. I was a bit nervous, especially because of the history. Even my cab drivers all in Puerto Vallarta told me not to go and that I was crazy for wanting to go! Being the rebel that I am, I went with my heart and went. Solo. Yep, SOLO!

Mexico City requires you to have some sort of idea on how to count money (Pesos) and understand a bit of Spanish. I found the people in Mexico City to be less friendly compared to the other Mexican cities I have been to. Perhaps it could’ve been just me. I noticed some of the locals were not the most patient when it came down to asking for help in English. (Ingles in Spanish). I went to numerous places that only spoke Spanish! Which is not uncommon, I mean their native language is Spanish. I recommend using google translate, that helps!

I mentioned this aspect because it can be intimidating for some individuals, especially solo travelers to experience this kind of situation! Honestly, I think what helped was the fact that I blended in with the locals. I even had some locals ask me questions in Espanol because I blended in so well! Aside from my complexion, most assumed that I was Hispanic. I wore practical clothing and had no issues.

Complimentary breakfast!

I booked the queen room and I found it to be quite spacious! The room was very clean and up to date! The TV is in Spanish only. Outlets are placed throughout the room so it’s easy to charge your items! This is the rooftop! It was open from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm! You can order food and drinks here! The pool is still closed.

What did I do:

I arrived from Puerto Vallarta. After checking in, I walked around briefly just to see what stores and restaurants were nearby.

I stumbled across this nice gem and I am SO glad that I did! The restaurant is called La Esquina Del Pibe. The meal also includes a beverage! This meal was one of the best meals I had out in Mexico City!!! If you are around, try it! You will not regret it!

USD 7 and was the best meal I had in Mexico City

Mexico City is definitely for foodies! I let myself get lost and found myself downtown near a bunch of food trucks!

USD 1.50

Some of the best food I had in Mexico City was from random food trucks!

Limited edition Starbucks drink at the park looking at the beautiful purple trees!
Me taking a pic of the angel de Independence! It is so beautiful in person!!!

Mexico City is affordable! I love the food selection, etc.

Getting around?

I booked a hotel in City Center to avoid spending a lot on transportation. The Uber from the airport to my hotel was only USD 8. Uber’s here is CHEAP!!! The only issue is, Mexico City does have a lot of traffic that randomly happens so it can be difficult to get an Uber just anywhere. I got canceled on by quite a lot of Uber drivers. I also noticed that some of the roads are randomly cut off downtown so make sure you are looking at a map to make sure a driver can get to you!

I ended up walking two miles and ran into the Angel of Independence (which was my goal anyway lol). It worked out because I ran into so many cool food trucks and was able to get a more authentic Mexico City experience.

After drinking my coffee at the park, I took an Uber to one of the malls. It was about USD 7 and a thirty-minute drive.

Honestly, I walked the majority of my stay in Mexico City and I am glad that I did! I stumbled across a lot of hidden gems.


I did a bit of shopping at the mall. I wanted to see their selection and just experience outside of Mexico City. During my stay, I visited two malls.

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