Traveling soon? I hope this product list helps you! These are things I carry all the time (regardless of the trip).

Feminine Care Products

-When traveling, sometimes your monthly cycle can change and you want to make sure you ALWAYS have spare tampons, pads, or whatever you use handy. I recommend carrying four of each in your carry-on bag. Why? What if your checked luggage is delayed or lost? Also, in-flight it is good to have access to it!

Travel Size Fragrance

-Long flight approaching? Having a travel size is scent is perfect to kind of freshen up! I recommend carrying a light scent that isn’t too overpowering but also keeps you feeling fresher.

Body/Baby wipes

I like to carry these on any trip, whether it is domestic or international! I like being able to wipe my face or body down, when necessary. These have been a life sizer!

Face Mask

Any sheet or face mask will do. I love the face mask by Summer Fridays. It is called the Jet Lag Mask. I love it because you do not have to wipe it off! It costs $26 but you will feel refreshed before arriving at your destination! If you are heading home, it is also good. This little tube lasts a very long time!

Lip Care

-Lip care is always a must! Any balm or lip gloss will do. I love the LA MER lip balm. It may be pricey but this stuff lasts forever and it gets the job done! It offers hydration yet plumpness to the lips! Highly recommend.


-I know this may be the last thing you are thinking about after a long flight. Why did I recommend this? If you have a layover and want to freshen up and make the best out of it, definitely do this!

Spare underwear

-Any flight after seven hours, I always change my underwear on the plane. It just makes me feel better.

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