Want to start a travel blog but are not sure how to start? Don’t worry! Here are some tips I have PERSONALLY learned throughout my five years of travel blogging! These tips will help you grow or start the blog of your dreams


I cannot stress this enough! This is ONE of the MAJOR reasons why a lot of bloggers either quiet. Readers and subscribers enjoy consistency. You have to remind your site visitors why they visit and trust you with their future travel! Post, Post, Post, Post. And no, not just post random stuff. Post ethical and truthful work that you know not only protects your integrity but your readers as well. I would be lying to you if I said that travel blogging is easy. It takes a lot of work, sleepless nights, and sacrifices to get where you want to go!


Don’t lose yourself trying to write work that you think is catchy or will attract a lot of readers. Create worthwhile content that has a purpose. If not, you can lose your vision! Travel blogging


You have to invest in anything that you want to grow or flourish. The same thing goes in the travel blogging industry. Invest in your website design, writing expertise, photography, SEO, Keywords. Expand the knowledge that you already have! I cannot stress this enough. What worked last year, may not work today! The more I invested (financially) in my blog, the more it grew! You do not have to spend thousands of dollars, but make sure your site is presentable. This is a representation of you! I HIGHLY recommend investing in Keyword Search and SEO tools.


Publish the best of the best! Invest in Grammarly. If you do not know what Grammarly is, it is a free tool that you can use that checks for accuracy and spelling errors. and make sure

Social Media

Social Media is your best friend when it comes down to travel blogging! Start a Youtube Channel. Make Tiktok’s. Pin your ideas on Pinterest. I am grateful that the majority of my site traffic is organic and typically found off of search engines, but broaden your horizon! Some bloggers I know spend money investing in ads as well with social media sites like Facebook. I have not tried it so I cannot tell you the results. However, they highly recommended it. The more social media networks you are on, the better chances you have of exposing your content to all sorts of demographics!


I know it can be challenging, especially if you are working full time or have other arrangements, but program yourself to remain on schedule! You should have a designated time of the week or day that you plan on posting! Not only does this keep your readers excited, but it motivates you to continue to be organized!

I hope these travel blogging tips help you or someone else you know that may want to start a travel blog. x

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