I hope you all are well. Recently, I visited Puerto Vallarta and I wanted to share my experience! Before deciding to go to Puerto Vallarta, I researched safe and beach vacations in Mexico. I wanted to see what the hype was all about! I heard so many great things about Puerto Vallarta that I felt like I must go!


It was very small. When I landed, it took over two hours to get my visa! The lines were so long and crowded! They do not have many outlets so try to charge your electronics on the plane or at your hotel if you are going to the airport. They have cabs and private shuttle companies available to get you to your hotel! I did not want to risk calling an Uber and being canceled on. Although Uber is legal in Mexico, I had issues calling Ubers to and from Airports in Cabo.

I did google some individuals call Uber to PVR airport with no issues but I did not want to take any chances. The cab fare is fixed. You will be given a ticket and asked the name of your hotel. The price depends on the hotel zone. I paid $18USD to get to my hotel, which was only about four miles away from the airport. Out of curiosity, I opened the Uber app at the airport and the fare would have been 3$!!!!!!! I did take Uber back to the airport for $2 and had no issues.

Keep in mind, Puerto Vallarta has a strip of hotels and some of them are also located in Punta de Mita. I heard the beaches over there are beautiful! It is about forty minutes from where I was staying so I was unable to go. Crown Paradise Golden: Puerto, Vallarta Mexico (Rating:6/10). The location was nice and right off of a major road near a local mall and Walmart. I booked the all-inclusive package. This was my first experience booking an all-inclusive package and it had its perks!

I liked not having to stress and google top restaurants to try in the area. The food is there. You just show up at specific times for breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner. This hotel had an adult only and a family side. You can dine at any of the restaurants on both sides! The hotel recommends that you have to call and make reservations between 8 am-2 pm for dinner. Well…If you are arriving after that time frame, Good luck!

Most restaurants are booked up especially due to COVID. I did not like this concept..I booked the King Ocean view. It was really beautiful! The room was a bit dated but had no issues. The A/C worked. The water pressure was a bit low but other than that, no issues!

Crown Paradise Golden Puerto Vallarta
Other angles of the hotel


-Overall food was good but not the best

-Breakfast buffet seemed to be the same every morning. I found most of the food to be cold.

-Food quality overall was inconsistent.

The beach cabanas were easier to get versus the ones near the pool. What I did not like was the constant vendors trying to sell me excursions, food, massages, etc. I get it, it is the way they make money. If you are looking for a place to relax, this is not the area! I am not sure if it’s just this part of the beach or the entire beach. It was a bit of a nuisance. I have traveled all across Mexico and this was the worst experience I have encountered with vendors! Even If I tried to nap, they would still come by!

The water was not the cleanest or prettiest I have seen, especially in Mexico! It was slightly murky. Like I mentioned, perhaps it could have been the waters that were in front of my hotel and not the entire beach. I did read on google about pollution issues in Puerto Vallarta

Best Tacos in Puerto Vallarta?
After a night in the town, I decided to go to Pepe’s tacos. I heard so many good things about this place. Boy am I glad that I went. Pepe’s tacos: Rating 10/10

The resort at night is so beautiful.
One bed king size

Just go! The service. The food. Everything was exceptional. I also want to mention they close late (5 am). The prices were extremely reasonable. FYI: They only accept CASH. I stopped at a random taco truck and got a few tacos and a quesadilla in Downtown Puerto Vallarta. Cheap and delicious! Overall really good.

Nightlife/Things To do

Puerto Vallarta has nice nightlife! I had no issues finding entertainment! This is located in downtown Puerto Vallarta. Clubs stay open relatively late.

Nearby mall in Puerto Vallarta!


I primarily walked or used Uber for the most part. The rides were cheap!

-Bus (heard it was cheap but did not take it)

The locals were nice and friendly! I spent five days in Puerto Vallarta. Overall, I do not think I would revisit Puerto Vallarta. Do not get me wrong, it is beautiful! I am glad that I experienced it but I have been to other parts of Mexico that are just as beautiful. Have you been to Puerto Vallarta or plan on going?


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