Just started travel blogging? Don’t worry, I gotcha! Here are a few things I recommend all travel bloggers carry!

Portable Water bottle 

With filter; you want to be ready for any possible scenario! Not only does this help the planet, but it will also allow you to have fresh water where ever you decide to go!

Multiple phone cables

(minimum three)I know this may sound obsessive but seriously, you can never have enough cables! What if one randomly stops working? etc. Always good to have a backup!

Portable battery pack (minimum two)

These are good for long, adventurous days! I cannot stress to you have many times people on group trips have asked to borrow my portable battery pack! Not all cars (esp. international) are equipped with a carport, etc. You may not even have access to an outlet and you don’t want to miss out on good pics because of this!


I suggest getting one that has a Bluetooth remote! It is handy for taking nice pics at different angles or even taking your pictures!

Ear Plugs

Traveling a lot? These will help you! During long plane rides, these always come in handy!


I recommend headphones just so you can be hands-free! If you are looking at directions, etc. It is good to do it hands-free!


This has been a great investment (personally)! I have the GoPro Hero 9 and it has been amazing! The quality is great and sometimes I take my pictures with it! Especially if you want to capture video footage, this is the way to go! It is also portable, so that is a plus! Bring an extra battery because the batteries do die fast!


Some countries/places have banned drones but I do think that they are a nice addition! You can get some nice bird-eye views! I’ve seen some affordable ones that work pretty well!

Professional camera

These can be quite costly but are an investment if you want your blog to look nice! Also, you can sell your photos to several companies (Getty Images, Adobe Stock)! They rarely accept photos shot with I-phone cameras.

Extra batteries 

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