When doing a lot of activities, we tend to forget how our energy and calories our bodies are burning! When I went hiking in Costa Rica, I thought oh, it is just two miles I can do it. I am so glad I carried these essentials! I consider myself quite fit but what I forgot about was the elevation! That alone can take a mental and physical toll on our bodies. If you guys recall my experience in Arizona, I was delirious and one of the rangers told me that I had hikers exhaustion. When I hiked, Devil’s Bridge in Sedona, I quickly learned how important it was to carry these essentials! I hope this list helps!

Portable water bottle

Especially if you are backpacking! You do not know how many times a portable water bottle has saved my life!


When I plan on doing a lot of hiking, walking, trekking, Protein is definitely a necessity! Typically, I carry Jerky and it has come in handy so many times! I also carry trail mix, gum, and performance/energy bars.

Portable wipes

I always bring disinfectant, bathroom, and hand sanitizer wipes. These have come in handy for sure! In fact, I recommend bringing them on any trip you go on.

Travel first aid kit

You can get this in the travel section of any big-box retailer for $2. In case of a cut or emergency, it is good just to have!

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