I went to Costa Rica in November 2021. My trip to Costa Rica was such an amazingly unique experience. Costa Rica has been on my list for years and I am so happy I was able to go.

You guys already know how spontaneous I am. Considering Covid-19 protocols, I did verify the need to enter Costa Rica, and here is a list of the following:

-No covid-19 test is needed

-Mandatory health insurance through one of their partner lists (You will find the list when you do the 24-hour paperwork). It comes up to about USD 7/day. Once you apply for the health insurance, you will be given a QR code, which is what they can do when you arrive at the Costa Rica airport.

-Proof of hotel stay (Print this out). Do not be like me and book your hotel at the airport. Yes, I am that last minute and random. Sometimes It has worked as I have gotten great last-minute deals. It is a gamble.

And that is it! I will highly suggest printing out all of these documents because they did not have chargers and the plane did not have chargers either so you do not want your phone to die and not be able to present your documents!

Where did I stay:

I stayed in two different parts of Liberia, Costa Rica. I stayed at the W Costa Rica Playa Conchal and Secrets Papagayo. Both offered different experiences and I am so glad that I was able to experience both hotels (You will see why later). I will make a separate blog post about comparing the two in case you want more of a thorough review.

Reason why?

I figured this was the perfect time to visit Costa Rica as it is centered around nature and practically isolation (Covid-19). I just needed a getaway and I am SO HAPPY I CHOSE COSTA RICA!


This was quite shocking. Trust the other bloggers when they say, Costa Rica has gotten pricey over the years. No, I am not trying to discourage you but up until this date, this is the most expensive trip I have EVER been on(Yes, it was more than Dubai!). Keep in mind, I tried my hardest to budget and find the best deals. Unless you are a backpacker or stay at an Airbnb or average hotel then you can save money. After seeing W Costa Rica, I just KNEW it was the hotel for me! No doubt, it can be done on a budget but accommodation-wise, I had my mind set on W Costa Rica.


Food at the W Costa Rica is very expensive (as expected). Expect to spend per person roughly $200USD/day on breakfast, beverages, lunch, and dinner. I highly suggest paying for the breakfast buffet during booking (It is cheaper). I have heard about an all-inclusive package but not sure how much it was. The food was FIVE STARS! Heck, the workers even remembered my favorite poolside foods, drinks, and everything! This place felt like paradise. For a more detailed post on Liberia, check out my other post: The activities were relatively affordable. Secrets Papagayo was all-inclusive but the food was sub-par.


I used a service through TripAdvisor to get from Liberia Airport to the W Playa Conchal for USD 95.

How safe was it?

This is something that you guys want to know! I felt completely safe the entire time I was there! I want to go back! I did explore outside of the resort area with the driver I hired and felt safe the entire time! A few of the locals mentioned that crime that typically happens occurs from people who are illegally there. I went to Tamarindo and felt safe as well! I went during the night time and it was a fun experience! I HIGHLY recommend you visit if you are going to Liberia, Costa Rica! I went solo and ended up meeting with a friend and I felt safe!

Let me know if you have any plans or questions about Costa Rica!

Entry requirements (for arrival into the United States):

-I am from the United States. You do need a covid test to enter and I paid $43 at Secrets hotel. Update: Make sure the test is taken within 24 hours of departure as this is the new rule! If you are not entering into the United States, please check with your local government for official entry rules.

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