I hope everyone is staying safe and well.

Since March, I have traveled by plane quite a few times. I wanted to make this post to help people who are concerned about COVID19 and possibly being exposed to it. I know you miss traveling. I know you miss sitting in the window seat (Who doesn’t?! lol).

This past weekend, I went on a quick weekend trip. I have traveled with a few different airlines and I can honestly say that I’ve had the best experience with Delta! Before boarding the aircraft, you are presented with a sanitizing wipe and a mask. Even the plane smells clean! As you sit down, you are given headphones and access to quite a variety of movies and tv shows (This feature is offered to all boarding classes).

Delta has been very consistent with spacing out their passengers on their aircraft, which I truly appreciate! Although regular service isn’t offered, you are given a bag that contains sanitizer, Biscoff, napkins, and water. When I flew with Allegiant, we weren’t given anything. I did not expect anything; however, at least sanitizer would have been nice. I would also like to mention that I have noticed that Delta terminals have masks everywhere (just in case you want to put on a new one or you lose yours).

I took this photo during the flight. As you can see, I had an entire row to myself! Delta assigned my seat. Delta is not booking the middle seat on any of their aircraft!!!! It makes a difference because you can still travel and try to still practice social distancing. On the other hand, I flew Allegiant last month and the entire plane was booked! It was so uncomfortable especially since you are required to wear a mask during the entire duration of the flight.

I was shocked that the entire flight was full…Especially during this time. So far, Delta seems like the only airline that is doing this. Try to support Delta and fly with them! Even if it’s extra money, just do it! You all know I love flight deals but they are consistent with trying to make travel the safest way possible and I appreciate the effort!

If you have to travel right now:

  • Make sure you are well and are not showing any symptoms of COVID. most airlines are giving refunds so you shouldn’t have any issues cancelling or rescheduling.
  • If you are planning on going on an international trip, I highly recommend getting travelers insurance!
  • Bring your own sanitizer. I recommend travel size Lysol wipes to clean off the seat and screen (even though the planes seem quite sterile).
  • Wear a comfortable mask (I know, no mask feels comfortable lol). But this is important because you have to wear it during the entire flight time. Mine was cotton and I felt like I could breathe better compared to my mesh one.
  • Bring your own snacks because most places in the airport are still closed (even at main hub airports like Hartsfield Jackson, Atlanta Ga)!
  • Lastly, have a safe trip <3

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