This past weekend, I was travelling for the holiday’s and I decided to take the train versus flying. While I was booking my train ticket on Amtrak. com, I noticed roomette’s were offered. I decided to book the roomette versus the coach ticket and I am glad that I did! My journey was roughly nine hours and I will say it was definitely worth it.

I know Amtrak has a reputation for generally being late. Luckily, my train was on time! I recommend getting to the station thirty minutes before your train. If you download the Amtrak app, you can also see updates on your route and see any possible delays etc.

In you do book a Roomette, keep in mind that on your ticket, it will show you the car number (the number is located outside of the train car). I noticed that most of the sleeping cars are generally located at the end of the train.

An Amtrak employee welcomed me and confirmed that I was at the right car. When you book a roomette, you are given a 24/7 Attendant that you can call from the room. I was highly impressed. I did not even know that! Once I was directed to my roomette, my attendant informed me that all meals and beverages (except alcohol), is included in the fare. My train was at night, so I was immediately served dinner. Commentary Wi-Fi is located all through out the entire train for all passengers.


I found it to be very private and safe. There is a latch on the door that you can fasten (You cannot lock the door from the outside). If you do decide to leave your roomette, you cannot lock it from the outside. You can only shut the door. I kept the window blinds open just to show how it looks but I eventually closed it.

The roomette also has controlled volume so you can completely turn off all the volume to avoid hearing announcements. I really liked this feature because my route had about ten stops and the last thing you want while you are trying to sleep is noise! My attendant woke me up twenty minutes before my stop.

It also has controlled heat/air! I tested both heat and air conditioning and they worked perfectly! The vents also have knobs on them so you can adjust the pressure. I put them on low and had the perfect amount of air circulating!

You can also adjust the lighting in the room. They have a room light, sink light, and reading light! I found that to be a perk for someone who shares this with someone. You can have a light on, without disturbing the other person in the room.

The bed has a harness attached so if there is a case where the train moves a bit, you are secure and will not fall off the bed! I am 5’9 and had a few more inches of space on the bed. I was completely comfy!


I found this to be the most interested part of my trip: the bathroom. The most important thing, right? lol Amtrak is quite clever. The toilet and hand sink is actually located under the steps. How efficient! All you have to do is lift up the red step and you will see the toilet! Hand towels, hand soap, and toilet tissue were provided.

As you can see, very spacious! This roomette can definitely fit two people comfortably. The seats expand and turn into a nice bed! I was sitting on the other chair but wanted to give a view from where I was sitting!

Reasons a roomette may be worth it for you:

-long haul travel

-experience staying in a roomette on a train

-Food and beverage perks


One issue that I had was the placement of the outlet. The roomette only contains one outlet and as you can see, it is located right next to the sink. That maybe a nuisance for someone who is trying to use there laptop or charge their phone (If your cord is not long enough). I assume it is the age of the train. However, it was not a deal breaker. I am also not sure if other trains look like this one.

My rating of the roomette:10/10

I definitely think this form of travel should be considered at least once in your life! Its nothing like seeing the world on the ground versus in the sky. I found it to be very spacious and comfortable. I will definitely book roomettes in the future. It is definitely worth the extra money.

Staying in the room alone, I was able to travel and not wear my mask (with the exception of the presence of the attendant). Travelling in coach with a mask on my face for over nine hours would have been very uncomfortable.

If you have the extra time to travel via train versus fly, I highly recommend it! It felt so good not having to go through TSA, monitor liquid sizes, and wait in lines to board an aircraft. It is a grand experience. You meet people, sight see, and get to experience traveling via train.

For a more detailed look of the roomette, check out my YouTube channel.

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