I flew from Detroit, Michigan to Phoenix, Arizona First Class for the first time with American Airlines. I managed to book First Class during my initial booking (I booked in advance this time). After traveling throughout COVID-19, I got so used to space! Delta was blocking middle seats, some planes had rows full of empty seats. So once planes started to feel up again, I knew it was time to start flying first class regularly. If the flight is less than four hours, I typically do not mind. Because the price difference between Main Cabin and First Class was not significant, I gave American Airlines First Class a try! The flight was a little less than four hours.


For the snack, we were offered a sandwich or a cheese platter. I opted for the Cheese platter and it was really good!

I thought it was a nice shot of Phoenix, Arizona as we were descending…

Final Verdict

With airline cabins practically full, I am quite sure no one misses economy. It is definitely worth the money! I am not going to lie, I was a bit spoiled flying during the pandemic getting empty rows to myself. I have gotten offers in the American Airlines app to upgrade my flight to First Class during check-in (not all the time). Nowadays, those offers are so rare because people are booking up First Class fast! If you need help justifying First Class, just think about how fast you are getting towards your yearly status. Or just treating yourself, why not? Nevertheless, the extra legroom made it all worth it. I felt so refreshed when we landed and was on my way!

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