Planning a trip to Mexico is always a good idea! Not sure which city you want to visit? Here is my opinion and which one is my favorite out of the three! If I had to choose, I would choose Cabo! Personally, it all depends on what you are looking for. I will explain why! All three are great options but are unique in their ways.


Cancun is very beautiful! I went a few years ago and had a wonderful time! The beaches are absolutely beautiful! The people were nice and friendly! I will say Cancun seemed to be the less safe out of the three. I never felt threatened but I was warned more by locals about crimes compared to Cabo and Puerto Vallarta! My friend and I took the bus to the downtown area and a local told us we should go back to the hotel zone. I asked him why and he said it can get a bit crazy and if you are not from there, it is even worse. We listened to him and went back to the resort area! I would still visit Cancun again but like with any destination, be precautious!


Cabo has this charm that you just have to see in person! I l like how you can stay in San Jose del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas! If you like to be more secluded and want a more authentic ‘Mexico’ experience, stay in San Jose Del Cabo! If you can take a taxi or drive to one another! They are about thirty minutes from each other! Swimming can be a bit of a challenge as the currents are very strong in Cabo! I noticed more people doing boating activities versus swimming. Medano beach is the most common beach in Cabo and you will see the area that is safe to swim in!

                                                Puerto Vallarta:

This city has lots of charm. Very mountainous and earthy. It is a great party scene with lots of things to do! Where I stayed, I was not too keen on the beach. The water did not appear to be the cleanest. Yes, I know it could have been due to the time of year I went and the part of the island I stayed in! I heard Punta Mita has beautiful water but I was not able to go! The people were very friendly and not once did I feel unsafe! I went out late at night and it was safe! I saw families and couples out so it is a place suitable for any crowd!

                                     Why Cabo?

I like the diversity of Cabo. Cabo is definitely my favorite out of the three! Cabo’s food overall was the best out of the three as well! Cabo was simply magical for me!

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