Before I get attacked by loyal Airbnb people, here is why I will not stay at one. I did; however, have one good experience but I still do not find them to be particularly safe.

Initially, I found the concept to be appealing. Not having to stay at traditional hotels and staying somewhere homely, sounds good, right? Think and reconsider your plans if you want to stay at an Airbnb.

I travel solo quite a lot and I do not find Airbnb’s to be the safest option for solo travelers, especially women


I booked an Airbnb at the host sent me the info, etc. When I got there, the house contained four rooms in it. I checked in my room and decided to go out. Around 11:00 pm, I returned and the code was not working. Was a bit strange because It worked early. I attempted to do it again and the code still did not work. I contacted the host and was nervous because of the time. It was a weekday so it was even worse. What’s worse? the Airbnb was not in the BEST area of Atlanta. After waiting outside for over an hour, another guest was walking out and I went in. What a close call! After finally getting back into my room, the host messages and apologizes for the inconvenience. I do feel like the Host felt so truly sorry but it was still scary being locked out, in the cold and dark, in a foreign area! The other housemates did not have to interact with me because we all had our rooms but they were quite loud. I could not WAIT to LEAVE!

Read the booking details to ensure you are booking an entire house or room.

I find the pictures to also be deceiving (as far as the exterior). You see this beautiful house and when you arrive, it is in a bad neighborhood. I understand that is work that the customer has to do. If you still want to book Airbnb’s, research the neighborhood extensively, and even use Google Map! The problem is that you do not get the address until your booking is confirmed so it is a gamble.

The Airbnb that I stayed at had 4.9 stars, not one person complained about the area. Even my Uber driver asked me what I was doing staying in East Point (Atlanta neighborhood) and how he doesn’t even like to pick up people in that area. He said he saw my star rating on Uber (5 stars) so he took the chance!

I have read other horror stories about Airbnb’s from other travelers including stories about hidden cameras, hosts coming around randomly, etc….

I get it, it can also be convenient for large groups but after those two experiences, I prefer to stay in hotels where if I ever need help, I can go to the concierge and get help. Also, surveillance on sight gives me peace of mind (especially as a solo woman traveler)

God forbid something happens to me, there is some foot trail from cameras all around the hotel. With Airbnb, yes I have heard most have cameras but some said their hosts did not have cameras..I also Like calling Uber’s from an exact business location versus a residential address.

At the time, Airbnb did not have a phone number…When I EMAILED them, they responded (days later) with a refund option. I opted not to because the host was sorry and I think it was an error with their doorknob.

When I have issues with a hotel, I can EMAIL or CALL Marriott, Hilton, etc. Directly and get some of the kind of resolution.

I am not telling you NOT to book Airbnbs, but if you do, please be CAREFUL!!! I do not think it is worth the risk unless Airbnb plans on being more precautious in the future. I have friends who SWEAR by Airbnbs and LOVE them!

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