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I spent a day hiking in Camelback Mountain. I stayed in the local Phoenix, Az area and heard this hike is pretty standard. There are plenty of trails in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area! I recommend researching before going to make sure you are physically fit!

This is the entrance of the Camelback trial. Read it and make sure you understand the level of intensity as well as what is prohibited. There is parking around this mountain but it was quite busy! I was able to get parking from someone who was leaving

Afraid of snakes? Well, Arizona is full of them. I am terrified of them myself. Before beginning, I spoke to a ranger and asked a lot of questions. He told me snake season just started (March) and it was expected to see a few throughout the hike. Well, guess what? I was lucky! I saw not ONE snake. He also told me scorpions are common and I saw not ONE. Whew.

He told me a few things to consider if I came across one:

-Let it pass

-Make sure I look around rocks and cliffs before placing my hand anywhere.

-Wear high socks/pants

He also told me that they do not rattle all the time and do camouflage. I was a bit paranoid walking but I just watched every step I took. He told me when paths are busy, generally, they do not come out. But if it is hot enough, it is bound to happen. He told me that snakes up north are practically seen everywhere.

What a way to start a hike, right?

A few things that I brung with me to help me

Things you may need:

PLENTY of WATER!!!!!! I cannot stress this enough…You never know how dehydrated you may get.

-Bring a backpack

-Hand Sanitizer

-Jerky/almonds/trail mix. Anything with protein!!! You will lose energy.

-Energy shot/drink or caffeine (I did get a bit lightheaded and this helped).


—–Have fun!!!!

I had such a great time on this trail! Quite a few locals walk this trail. Everyone was so nice and polite!

I am so happy that I visited Arizona in early March. I heard it gets really hot.

It was about 80-82 degrees max the entire time I was in Arizona. I can only imagine doing this when it is hotter…

If you ever visit Arizona, try to visit at least ONE trail…It is a part of the experience! The trails are so beautiful and full of nice scenery.

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