Plan on visiting Anchorage this summer?

I recently got back from Anchorage, Alaska, and I had a wonderful time! Here are some of my recommendations if you plan on visiting or briefly stopping by during a layover!


I took the bus. Simply use Google or Apple Maps on your phone and type in your destination. It will show you the route as well as step-by-step walking directions on how to get there. I took the bus from Anchorage Airport to downtown. I paid USD 2 in cash. I did not feel unsafe at all. The entire ride took about 40 minutes (including stops).

Waiting area at the bus stop at the airport


I was craving pizza and stumbled across this pizza place with great reviews. I walked to Uncle Joe’s pizzeria. They have a large selection of slices ready-made to go. I opted for pepperoni supreme and a root beer. This pizza slice could have easily fed two people! I paid roughly $8 in total. I dined in, and it was quite empty. I HIGHLY recommend checking out this place if you are downtown!

After eating pizza and doing a bit of walking, I stumbled across this ice cream place. It was a bit cold during my visit, but Ice Cream is always a good idea, right?! I ordered a waffle cone with cookies and cream ice cream, and marshmallow fluff topping. The marshmallow fluff topping was delicious!

I was not bold enough to try the Reindeer sausage that everyone suggested I try. Maybe next time.

Tours/Things to do

After doing quite a bit of walking, I stumbled across this Trolley company that was offering hourly tours of Anchorage, Alaska. I paid $25 (Booked online) and was seated promptly. This tour lasted for about an hour, and it was informative! The tour guide has a passion for Alaska. I learned so much about Anchorage during this one-hour tour!

I plan on definitely returning to Alaska in the future! It was such a refreshing trip. I will say if you plan on visiting, two days staying Downtown Anchorage is enough time before venturing off to your next destination. I would love to go and check out Fairbanks next time!

Here is my youtube video on my journey!

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