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I promised I would make a post about this once this deal appeared again. This is by far the best and cheapest deal you will get for the Amtrak USA rail pass! This is a great way to explore the USA! If you don’t understand how the rail pass works, I got you! I was confused initially when looking into this pass last year. Here are some of the main points I learned from Amtrak’s website.

  • Once you purchase the pass, you have to use it within 120 after your first segment is traveled.
  • This route is not available on (Acela, Auto Train, Maple Leaf, and Thruway Bus Series)
  • This pass is $299 for a limited time
  • This USA Rail Pass includes 10 Segments. According to Amtrak, every time you get off of a train, it is counted as one segment. When I looked into this pass, I considered stopping off every few states that piqued my interest and book hotel accommodations! I think this will be great along the way as you will be able to stop at destinations of your liking and stay for a few days.
  • No upgrades to Business or private rooms are available

Is this pass for you?

This pass has been on my bucket list for quite some time! Being able to get on and off and explore different views and terrains sounds incredible to me. Keep in mind, you will be seated in coach. That can potentially be a deal breaker for some as it may get uncomfortable after long durations. I would suggest looking at Amtrak’s route map to see if it is suitable for you. I live in the Midwest so this pass works great for me. I would suggest planning strategically to get your monies worth!

Book soon as this offer is only valid January 10-20, 2022! I have not seen it this price is over a year.

What are your thoughts?


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