You probably heard of Onda-life if you are an American Express cardholder like myself. Onda is a company that offers you access to exclusive social clubs and co-working spaces. I was offered a one-month complimentary trial so here was my experience. Onda-life has locations globally.


First, you have to submit a request and be accepted. I was accepted an hour after submitting my request. After being accepted, you can submit a request to visit the clubs listed on the portal. I did notice quite a lot of the spaces were unavailable (as it requires a certain status). I decided to search specifically for NYC and found quite a few options. I booked The Yard, Hudson Square NYC. Upon arrival, I called the office to confirm my attendance and was buzzed in. After taking the elevator to the second floor, I signed in and was ready to go. It was quite loud and busy. The receptionist was very kind and explained to me all of the amenities the facility has. This facility does have free coffee and tea. I decided to sit at a random table. I was able to get work done but it was not really quite. It was a bit nosy. This place does have a phone booth area where you can go and sit for some much needed peace. Considering my job, I definitely need a place that does not have as much noise. I understand it is a communal space. I would definitely return with the intentions of just visiting to get out of the house, etc.

Work space
Another working space
Desk area
Inside of the building
Phone booth
Hallway of the phone booths


The price does vary for the membership. I did book this experience on a free trial. After the trial period, I would be charged $60USD/month.


I do think it is a great concept. I did like how easy it was to book a space! It was refreshing to enter a facility to do some much-needed work! I think it can be handy if you are perhaps checking out of a hotel and you have a late flight! You can pop in one of these places and get some work done. You can also make connections with other visitors as well!

What are your thoughts?

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