If you are a Starbucks fanatic (like myself) than I am quite sure you have a trip here on your itinerary. Let me start off by saying that this place definitely lives up to they hype! This place is absolutely beautiful! In fact, if it was not so busy, I could spend hours here! I can confirm that this place does have a line everyday. I highly recommend coming on a weekday. I was in Chicago Mid week till weekend and can confirm it does get busier during the weekend. I went on a Wednesday morning and it was pouring rain! It was not a line outside but there was a line inside. The line went quite fast.

The menu will appear once you enter and scan the QR code. The menu is very different from your average Starbucks. This location has Five stories! Each one provides a different experience. The staff was very helpful! The first and second stories are the only stories open early. The 3-5 open after 11. The 5 story (which is a bar) opens at 2:00pm.

Me with my $9 latte

Bag secured! Latte and chocolate filled pasty

My latte was very good. The first floor has limited drinks but the barista was so kind to help me discover a drink that I would enjoy. Keep in mind, the first floor does not have many flavored sauces and syrups! He suggested for me: Iced espresso (three shots), milk, vanilla syrup, and ice! It was blended very well and tasted so delicious! I wish my cup of Starbucks could taste like this everyday! It did taste a bit finer and more quality compared to my regular Starbucks order. Definitely a difference in quality!

Of course I got one to go!

I went back in line and go one to go!

Beautiful view from the fourth floor

This place is immaculate! You seriously have to be there in person to truly appreciate the beauty! It completely changes the coffee shop game! This location also has a gift shop on the 1st floor!

Tips to help you prepare for your visit

  • Prepare to stand in line. Wake up early and arrive at-least one hour before opening time.
  • Prepare to stand and not find seating. I did try my best to limit my time sitting as I did understand others may want to sit. I walked around and noticed a woman leaving and asked her if I could have her table. Do not be afraid to approach someone that appears to be leaving as other people will come and take the seating!
  • The 5th floor (aka bar) opens at 2:00pm. As in 2:00pm, SHARP! If you arrive 2:01, expect to stand and walk around with your drink!
How cool is this?

Till next time Starbucks,


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