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Here are some food recommendations if you are visiting San Salvador! I had such a great time in San Salvador. The food was delicious and I had not ONE bad experience! These recommendations are located in the neighborhood of San Benito.

Tapioca Company was a really great treat! This drink was really good. I highly recommend stopping by! The staff was nice and friendly.


Taco’s Hermanos has my HEART! These were some of the best tacos I have EVER tried in my ENTIRE life. If you know, I LOVE tacos! I did not finish all of these tacos but I did visit this place a few times during my stay in El Salvador. Be prepared for at least a one-hour wait but it was well worth the wait. In fact, I would do it all over again! These Birria tacos were to die for! The other tacos were short rib tacos, which were amazing! The staff was really nice and accommodating!

Flank Steak, vegetables, and a pineapple smoothie

Picnic Steak house, you have probably seen or heard all over social media. After going down the slide, I decided to pick up a flank steak, vegetables, and mashed potatoes. For drink, I ordered a pineapple smoothie. I paid roughly $26 including tip for this meal and it was really good!

Te Amo drink and Truffle fries

If you are looking for a fun, vibe check out this place located inside of the Felix y Olivia hotel! The drinks were 10/10 outstanding! The ambiance, food, and drinks make this place a MUST visit in San Salvador!

Birria tacos

I decided to check out this taco place on Cinco De Mayo and I am glad that I did! This place was located inside the plaza. It is called Garbanera. If you Uber here, have your driver drop you off at the plaza. This place is located inside a plaza and you will not see it until you go up the escalator. I did not have a wait. The tacos were really good! I also ordered nachos and they were great as well.

Strawberry Gelato

Located in the same plaza as the taco Place, I stopped by for a dessert after dinner! This gelato was only $2 and it was really good.

Pollo Y Papa Fritas

I decided to try a local food chain called, Pollo Campero. I got the Pollo Y Papa Fritas, along with a coke. I paid roughly $5 and it was really good.

I hope you find these recommendations helpful. xx

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