I know traveling right now can be a bit stressful, especially with COVID-19. Before Covid-19, I never purchased travelers insurance. People thought I was crazy when I told them this! I had no clue how important travel insurance was. Moving forward, I will be getting insurance for my international trips!

Recently, I was looking at travelers insurance and came across Safetywing.com! For $40, you get four weeks of coverage (Outside of your home country). Here are a few specifications that I read:

  • There is a $250 Deductible
  • Max limit is $250,000
  • Ages covered are only between 10-39 years old. Any one older will have to pay more
  • They have three different packages (depends on what kind of traveling, etc.)

I think this is a great price! Here is the link to the insurance:


As always, do your research! This was just an insurance plan that I came across and was surprised by how popular it is! Quite a few travel bloggers love it! When I use it, I will give you guys a review on the overall experience of it (what it includes, customer service, etc.).

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