The past weekend, I visited Toronto for the first time and it is such a beautiful city! Although I was only there for a few days, I was able to see a lot of the city and what it has to offer. I would highly recommend staying downtown since it is close to everything.

Things To do:

I went up the CN tower. I was a bit nervous but it was not as bad when I got all the way up. There was no line and it was easy to get up! Highly recommend it!


If you are staying downtown, everything is pretty much in walking distance. My Hotel was right in the city centre so I was able to walk to most places or Uber/Lyft. They also have a bus and bike (that are available for rent). I did not utilize those modes of transportation so I am not sure how much it costs.

Food: With so many options, you cannot go wrong with any of the food in Toronto. I love Bubble tea and I know it is very popular in Toronto. After narrowing down my search, I decided to try Chatime. Chatime was really good. I ordered a Mango peach green tea with pearls.



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