Want to start travel blogging but not sure how to make money? Here are a few tips that helped me or other travel bloggers I know!

  1. Keep your current main source of income

You can be a travel blogger and work! I know several successful travel bloggers who have full or part-time jobs! It is doable. Sometimes it can take year/s to finally create passive income from a travel blog. If you want something more guaranteed that is not remote, consider doing InstaCart or Shipt! You can work this kind of gig whenever you want.

2. Create travel groups and guides

Some people are also looking for groups to travel with! Perhaps create a forum on your blog, encouraging people to travel with you! Plenty of travel bloggers does this. They charge a certain amount of money to add you to the group trip. I have not done it but quite a few travel bloggers do this and it does well! It also allows you to meet new people!

You can also create travel guides for certain countries or places! These guides can be sold and can help people who are looking for certain information about a destination.

3. Look for remote work

Contract and Freelance work will probably be your best friend! If you plan on traveling a lot, you may not be able to work your full or part-time job (If it isn’t fully remote). Google remote work and find a niche. Look into personal assistant work, transcription, audiobook narration, etc. You will be surprised how many remote gigs are out there!

Good at creating websites? Plenty of work on sites like FIVERR! Freelance writing is always easy to get. Perhaps take a few google certifications! It is always great to enhance your learning skillset.

Bookkeeping Is also a great source of income! I have seen posts starting at $69 and up on bookkeepers.com

4. Sign up for Google Adsense or other ad companies

Google Adsense is a great way to monetize your blog! Sign up with Google Adsense and they will let you know if you are approved or not! If you are not, keep trying! It will be worth it in the end!

5. Sell photos from your trips

Plenty of websites and apps will buy photos from you! Adobe Stock, Getty, and EyeEM are my personal favorites. I have sold a few on these platforms!

SNAPCHAT also allows you to submit videos! If your footage is accepted, they will pay you!

6. Create a YouTube Channel

Creating a Youtube that goes hand and hand with your blog is a great way to not only gain more readers but also generate more income!

7. Reach out for brand deals/partnerships.

Start reaching out to hotel chains, major marketing agencies (Perlu, OBVIOUSLY, The Shelf) about possible partnerships! I have done it before and scored a great deal with Marriott! Trust me, you do not need a lot of followers to do this! Micro-influencers can easily make $500 and up per campaign!

Social Media platforms are also paying influencers! I hear the most about Instagram and TikTok!

8. Create a PODCAST

Want to share your thoughts with people around the world? Sign up on Anchor.com! It is free to start. Once approved, you can add it to several networks like Apple, Spotify, etc. The minimum cash out is $10.

Using Affiliate links earns you a percentage every time someone clicks on a link you posted. It could be hotels, clothing, airline tickets, you name it! The percentage you get varies. One of the most popular affiliate link companies is Magic Links

10. Create organic content

Lastly, BE YOURSELF! Create content your readers will not only enjoy but find helpful. Your integrity matters, not just making money! Have PATIENCE. Rome was not built in a day and neither will your blog be! As I mentioned before, it can take years to finally make a livable wage from your travel blog! Focus on being you and I promise, everything else will follow <3.

I hope you find these tips to be helpful! Trust me, I know it can be a bit discouraging sometimes but never get up!! You got this! Generating income while traveling can be difficult but not impossible. xoxo

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