Thinking about purchasing a Gopro? I finally got my Hero 9 last year after lusting after it since the Hero 5. Besides, what kind of travel blogger would I be without it (lol). Before I get into the specs, I want to thank my brother for buying me this camera! Keep in mind, I am not too tech savvy but these are the specs that got my attention:

-5K video

-Max lens Mod

-8x slo-mo

My main intention for this camera was primary for video but I have taken pictures on it! Let’s just say, I LOVE IT!!!!!! The footage is crystal clear! I have a few pictures I have taken with it but it shoots with a wide lens so I prefer to use it for blog pics! I still like it as a camera but not the main one.

This photo was captured with my GoPro Hero 9! Very good shot. I was honestly impressed!! I thought it was mainly for videos only.

One of the things I was concerned about was the battery life. This is an issue I read about in previous models and sorry to say, I have the same issue! I recommend having multiple charged backup batteries or else! You will not make a full day of footage, not even three hours I would say before the battery is on the verge of dying.

Luckily when I got mine, It came in a package deal and included a spare (Thanks Go Pro).

I have used it to go snorkeling and I had no issues. Make sure you get a case and the floating stick because I have heard some crazy stories about people losing their Gopros! The GoPro website also has a waterproof floating case, which I love! Other than the battery life span, I love this camera and I highly recommend getting it! I promise you won’t regret it! You need this Gopro 9!

The GoPro Hero 9 bundle that I have is still available:

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