I know, I know, this may shock a lot of readers. You read it right, I think Seychelles is OVERRATED! Considering that this is a top travel destination, I was surprised myself.

I got quite a lot of feedback on my initial Seychelles post so I decided to elaborate.

No doubt, this island is beautiful because I did not find it to be magical! After traveling for such a long distance, I had different expectations. It is in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Instagrammers say it’s so picturesque, so I wanted to see it for myself.

I have read a few articles mentioning how it can be affordable but I disagree. Even the food was expensive and I did not find any signature island dishes. typically, French and American style food. No complaints but I am mentioning this for those who are looking for a rich, authentic, experience.

Sorry if my expectations are high.

I do not regret going but I wanted to mention a few more things:

  1. They do accept USD, Euro, etc, and Seychelles rupee. We found out that our USD was not accepted every where If it was not printed after 2010…They will check and return your money if it is dated in that year! So I ended up having to go to the ATM. They accept cards as well but AMEX is a no go here. Very new places accepted it.
  2. An Island full of charm but you can tell their ecosystem is changing. I know, that is happening every where but even the locals are saying LA Dique is changing. When I went snorkeling, I expected beautiful corals just to see it bleached!
  3. 90% of your budget will be on cabs (If you do not rent a car) or transportation (cars are EXPENSIVEEEEEEEE to rent). It is a vacation, right? So I did not want to drive and their roads are a bit steep and under developed so no thanks.
  4. I personally felt like Seychelles lacks the cultural experience I was expecting. Considering this was my first time visiting Africa, I just thought it would be different. The people weren’t as warming. The only thing I tried from the island was their local beer. I did have a coconut but it tasted like any other coconut from other countries I have been to.

This was probably my fav meal I had the entire time.

With that being said, if you want to visit Seychelles by all means go! I hope your experience is better than mine! I did not expect it to be a budget trip but it was inflated…. I could have gone to the Cooks Island’s if that was the case…. I read about it for years before taking the plunge and going. Do I regret it? No. But would I return? No.

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