My trip to Maldives was cancelled (Weather reasons) so I decided to visit Punta Cana! I am happy I made that decision. Aside from insta worthy pics, I was looking for a nice staycation and booked Punta Cana. I can say I am so happy I made that decision! As the flight was taking off from Newark, I couldn’t help but feel excited because the DR has been on my list for YEARS.

I noticed that most hotels in The Dominican Republic are all inclusive. I have never stayed at an all inclusive and was a bit nervous but hey, why not! Mid flight, I woke up and booked my hotel. Yes, I know. This is a bad habit of mine. Oops. But you will see how it worked out to my advantage.

I booked Secrets Royal Punta Cana and boy am I happy that I did!!!! First, this is an ADULT ONLY RESORT! Getting through the airport was a breeze. The line for the unvaccinated people was empty (interesting ). My car service was waiting and I arrived to my resort in under twenty minutes.

This resort was MAGICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I literally felt like royalty. I was greeted, given a nice wet towel, and a welcome drink. From there, I checked in and within ten minutes, I was already in my room. I was given early check in and this resort did not disappoint! I did book same day so I had to opt for the tropical view. It wasn’t bad because heck, I am in the DR!!!! Any view would do!

All you can eat and drink. Sounds like a plan! I knew I came here with the thought of RELAXING. This was the first trip that I went on that actually felt like a VACATION. I have learned the difference between a getaway, vacation, and a trip! This was indeed a grand VACATION for me.

Ready to eat? Simply call the concierge or walk around the resort and make breakfast, lunch, or dinner reservations. I had no issue except one day and it was only a twenty minute wait. It felt so good to just leave my wallet in the room and walk around with no care..Simply tell the restaurant my room number and I am all set to go (I did carry a few pesos/USD)!

Drinks are every where (alcoholic/non/water/juice/etc.). The staff was so nice and polite. The resort was large but not too big where you feel a bit lost. Daily enteraintment on site. Typically, performers but there is a dancing area where I did see people dancing all through out the day. I did not leave the resort! We’ll wait, only when it was time to leave (sad face). This was the first time I did not leave the resort and lifted not ONE finger. And it felt great. I literally ate, walked around the resort, tanned, and swam for over a week.

Overall, this was the perfect STAYCATION I never knew I needed and I will definitely be booking all inclusive hotels now (when available). It just made life feel like a breeze. Not having to think about dinner or breakfast. Everything being taken care of….

We have all been on that one trip where everyone looks at each other like, “ Idk” what do you want to eat for an hour…Well you won’t have that problem staying at an all inclusive resort! I recommend staying at a nice one because their food is typically better quality.

Steak and chips
Breakfast at the Buffett!

Because Secrets owns the hotel next door, Dream, I had access to their side as well (including food and drinks). I felt very safe (security) everywhere. I was not harassed and plenty of cabanas were available. This resort also has a beach bar and is open until 5pm..They were so sweet and accommodating so hook them up with a few Pesos/usd (they will appreciate it).

Need COVID test? They make it so easy for you at Secrets Royal! Simply go to the rooftop, take your covid test on site and your results will be emailed to you! Once again, hassle free. I have travelled quite a lot and most resorts do not have on site testing. Also, it was FREE.


Trip: 1000/1000

I recommend not always making plans….Resorts are there to cater to you and give you the peace of mind that you never know you needed..and deserve. Of course, I left my laptop behind and I think you should to on your next trip! Traveling solo? No problem! I saw so many solo traveller there. Nothing felt awkward, in fact, a few people did come over to me to talk!

Dominican Republic was truly paradise for me…

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