While I was in Phoenix for the weekend, I went on a day trip to Sedona. I am so happy that I did! I have heard so many wonderful things about Sedona and everything that was said is very accurate! I took some pictures of the highway on the way. Phoenix to Sedona was about an hour and thirty minutes. Eat before you go! Sedona has tons of beautiful hiking trails to choose from. Since I am not an avid hiker, I decided to do one of the more popular and shorter trails called, ‘Devils bridge’.


t was free and is first-come, first-serve. No issues with parking. The closer you get to the entrance, the better! I arrived around noon. If you come here during peak season, I would suggest coming early because it was quite packed!

Things to bring:


-backpack (I suggest being handsfree)

-Hiking shoes/comfy gym shoe (The hike is a bit steep so you want something with nice coverage and grip)

-Protein, energy drink/shot, snacks (nuts, fruit, etc)…Trust me, you will need it <3

-Portable phone charger


-Hand Sanitizer

-pain killer/allergy meds

What to wear:

-shorts/pants (depending on the weather)

-Nice sleeveless tank top or shirt

-Hoodie/jacket (in case it gets chilly, sit on, or even rest your head on)

You just want to make sure you are comfortable!

Any interesting wild life or snakes?

I know, I know I mention snakes quite a lot…That is because that almost stopped me from visiting Sedona. I asked a few locals in Phoenix and they all told me not to visit Sedona because plenty of them are out and about.

Well, guess what? I saw not ONE!!!!!! Whew, I felt even better when I completed the trial. I was completely shocked because I just knew I would see them…I noticed in Sedona a lot of crevices and rocks so definitely be careful!!! I am more than certain that they are quite active out there…I was lucky…

The sign says two miles away, right? Felt more like an eternity trying to get to the top.

I am quite active and this was a bit tough for me. I am not an avid hiker so keep that in mind. I have pretty good stamina and endurance but this trial was challenging.

As I am typing this, I can still feel my thoughts and feelings at the time this picture was taken!!!! I was completely out of breathing and was a bit delirious…I did have to stop a few times…I got dizzy and nauseous.

Guess what? I was not even done

My sugar started dropping and I made it to the last cliff!!!! I did see quite a few people just stop here and make their way back down. I came so far, so I decided to go all the way and finish it! I am glad I did!

I would have not made it out there without my Fjallraven Kanken and Core water!!!! I consumed my energy shot…And guess what? I still felt sick and dizzy. Weird, right? I felt hot, fatigued, and weak! You do need to prepare for this kind of hike, especially if you are going solo! Well, I did not consider elevation and there is something called, ‘mountain sickness”…I will get into that later!

ANDDDDDDDDD, this is the finishing point! You have to stand in line to take the picture. It took about an hour before my picture was taken. The cliff is very STEEP…Trust me, this bridge is very high up. I took a rest for a few minutes before heading back down…I highly recommend doing that…I found it quite tough to make it to the finish line. I want you all to keep in mind that I am not a professional hiker.

And that is all! I stopped and got some food. Sedona, Arizona has sooo many restaurants in the area. I was so sore and tired, I just stopped at Taco Bell before heading on the highway back to Phoenix….

As I headed back, I got very sick! I could not even eat my food. The smell of food made me nauseous.

I suggest going for at least a day! A day trip is ok, but you will have to wake up early to visit and see everything Sedona has to offer…Also, you want to enjoy and not over overwhelm yourself.

What a beautiful picture of the sun setting…

I made it back safely <3 and relaxed at the pool at the hotel until it closed. I was sick for the rest of the night. I literally could not eat. My body was sore and any food or drink would make me feel sick. I took an Advil and woke up and was much better. I did go to an urgent care center and was told it could have been fatigued/mountain sickness.


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