Portland, Maine has been on my list to visit for many years. Back in January, I was contemplating on a nice weekend getaway and decided to go to Maine. At the time, I was doing freelance work in New York. I know, you’re thinking, why would I leave one cold place to visit another? I checked the weather and snow fall average, so I knew what to expect. Besides, I couldn’t get my mind off lobster rolls. It was about a six hour drive from Upstate New York.

My friend and I have been on the hunt to try the best seafood in America so we compiled a list of must visit places in Maine and proceeded from there. Keep in mind, due to the time of year we went, most seasonal places were closed, and we were ok with that. We stayed at the Holliday Inn near the airport and it was about $100/night (free self parking). The hotel lobby was warm and comfy and included breakfast. 

Beautiful view outside of the hotel!

Honestly, we were so blessed. Not only were the seafood restaurants having good deals, but there was barely any snowfall the entire weekend we were there! I don’t mind the cold, honestly, a nice parka and scarf did the job. Back to the lobster rolls, they were everything I expected and more. One word: DIVINE. As we narrowed down our lobster roll must-visit restaurants, we finally agreed on The Highroller Lobster Co.

I love how quaint Maine feels! Everything is pretty much within walking distance downtown, so we parked our car and did a bit of walking. As we were strolling Downtown, we decided to stop at Street and Co. for dinner. Although we were excited to try an authentic lobster roll, we couldn’t wait to try the lobster Diavolo from Street and Co.

When we walked in, we were told it was about a ten-minute wait (which was accurate) and expected because of the reviews I’ve seen on google. For an appetizer, our waiter recommended Octopus (Yes, Octopus!). For dinner, we ordered the lobster Diavolo, and all I can say is….This was by far the best dinner I have had in my LIFE. I still drool over this picture. The dish consists of Lobster, Mussels, Clams, linguine, and scallop mixed with their secret sauce. For $72, this was well worth the money! I can eat quite a bit and shared it with someone. I couldn’t stop talking about it. The blend of the seasonings and Mussels was divine! I don’t think there are any words to describe how delicious this dish was! I can talk on and on about it.

This dish goes in the books
Octopus from Street and Co.

Street and Co. Was my favorite meal while visiting Maine!

Cape Elizabeth

Despite the cold, this was such a wonderful experience that I am so glad that I experienced.

Here are some things and tips while in MAINE:

-I highly recommend eating small portions so you can explore and try other restaurants.

-When you are teaching seafood places, be specific because some places are known for certain foods like Clam chowder soup, shrimp, lobster, oysters, etc.

-Honestly, we were able to eat for under $100 per day easily (Except Street and Co.)

-Make time to visit the pier and lighthouses! Plenty of fun and free activities to do in Maine. Cape Elizabeth was really nice! And it is also free to visit.

I am encouraging you to visit Portland, Maine, even if it’s in the winter season! I was shocked that there was barely any snow on the ground in January. This spontaneous trip was one of my favorite trips I have ever been on. And If you ask my family, I sound like a Portland native (that’s how much I have raved about Portland). <3

-The local mall was nice as well

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