I am a foodie. I saw two restaurants on google that were in Chicago. There you go, that was my sign. I hopped on a train and four hours later, welcome to Chicago!

Took an Uber, stayed in the Loop (South). Checked in my hotel and started going out!

I sound so fat but yes I did eat five times in one day in Chicago. Not small bites. A large meal…Yes, a large deep dish pizza….And do I regret it, no!

After eating a Yolk, I knew the food wasn’t overly hyped. Yolk was definitely eveythinggg.

After eating, I thought I should walk down Michigan Ave and burn off some of those calories….Just to eat more an hour later. We stopped for Fro yo (SO GOOD). Then across the street, go a local steak and cheese sub.

After walking around, stopped by Shake Shack. A must any where I go. Gave me more energy. Were going to use that excuse…..Crashed at the hotel for two hours. It was 9:00pm and walked to Ginos for a pizza. The best decision I made that day.

Next day…Was so tempted to go back to Yolk but went to Wildberry instead. thirty min wait….fine. OMG!!! If you love French toast like me, this is the place to be!!! I got the famous French toast and was sooo full. I knew it would not be a trip to Chicago unless I went to the Beam. WE made it (Thank God). Took pics and walked down Michigan Ave. Saw Godiva and went crazy. Got ice cream, went back to the hotel, got my luggage, a pizza to go, and was on my way to the train station!

That sums up my trip to Chicago.



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